Terms and Conditions of Use

1. Basic Provisions

Terms and conditions of use are the conditions under which PlanePhotos.Net allows the user to use the services of the website.
These conditions are applied for an indefinite period. These conditions are binding for user and PlanePhotos.Net from the moment the first user´s access to sites regardless of possible future changes.

2. Consent with conditions

By accessing PlanePhotos.Net you undertake and confirm that these terms and conditions are understand and clear for you, and you agree that it will be binding on you regardless of your mode of use.
You realize and agree that your usage of the website and services shall be deemed as your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

3. Changes in the terms and conditions

PlanePhotos.Net reserves the privilege to change these terms and conditions.
Using websites or services on PlanePhotos.Net after a change in the terms and conditions constitutes your agreement to the new conditions.
If you disagree with the terms what are actual, do not use website and services PlanePhotos.Net.
You knows as the user that these terms and conditions may be subject to change and accept that you periodically review them and familiarize themselves with their content.
Changed terms and conditions will be published on this site.

4. User registration

Some services on PlanePhotos.Net require registration.
Registration for PlanePhotos.Net is optional.
Registration for PlanePhotos.Net is free without hidden fees.

5. Failure to observe Conditions

Failure to meet these conditions by the user can PlanePhotos.Net cancel the registration of the user immediately and without prior notice.

6. Account Cancellation

The user can´t cancel the account himself, but must apply to the administrator by e-mail (admin@planephotos.net).
PlanePhotos.Net reserves the privilege to delete any user account or is otherwise restrict access to the website, its content and services even if the user isn´t directly infringe these conditions.
The user acknowledges and agrees that in the event of cancellation or the blocking of his account, PlanePhotos.Net has a right to keep uploaded content by the user indefinitely with all information and data which the user during usage of the site added, published or otherwise provided to the site.

7. Copyrights

All photos on this website are the property of the photographer.
It is not possible to use the photo in any way without the consent of the photographer.
All photos on this website are licensed to PlanePhotos.Net and are protected under international copyright laws.
By uploading photos to PlanePhotos.Net, you grant PlanePhotos.Net a license to display your images on the PlanePhotos.Net website.
PlanePhotos.Net has not the right to use your photo in any other way.
PlanePhotos.Net does not barter, sell or trade with pictures uploaded by user.
PlanePhotos.Net has no claim of ownership of the photos displayed on the websites.
You are restricted to copy, upload to other websites or disseminate any part PlanePhotos.Net or material published on PlanePhotos.Net without the prior consent PlanePhotos.Net.

8. Users commitments

The user is responsible for all content and materials sent to the web.
The user is aware that this website is only for personal and noncommercial use.
The user undertakes that published or sent content to the website in no way not impair, interfere or otherwise infringe the rights of third parties, by which is meant the copyright, trademark or other proprietary or personal rights.
You declare that you will not (nor are you will not try) use the website in any manner which they could damage, disable, overburden, or otherwise distort.
You declare that you will not collect from the website or otherwise benefit from the personal data of any user including name of account.
You declare that you will not abuse the information posted on websites for commercial purposes or to send spam or other unsolicited communications.
You declare that you will not publish or store any content that we consider harmful, unlawful, defamatory, offensive, vulgar, fraudulent, hateful, scurrilous or otherwise undesirable on this website.
You declare that you will not use the website for impersonate another person or falsely enter your personal information.
You declare that you will not to intimidate or otherwise harass another person through any communication accessible on the website.
You declare that you will not use to sell the contents of any website and services without the prior written permission of PlanePhotos.Net.
You declare that you will not preclude and otherwise disable backlinks to sites PlanePhotos.Net, which is automatically inserted at the third site by using available services.
You declare that you will not (nor are you will not try) to access the content of any user, not intended for the general public.
You take note as the user you use this website voluntarily.

9. Waiver of Liability

PlanePhotos.Net is not responsible for the availability, timeliness and failure-free of the website.
Operator is not responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy and timeliness of the content of the user.
The operator reserves the right declassify the user information and all the users content, if the request is relevant authorities in that country.
The operator is not responsible for behavior or other form of expression, whether written or graphic, disclosed and published by users.
The operator is no way obligated to resolve disputes between users, adjudicate on them or assessed them.
Pages may be temporarily unavailable at any time.
PlanePhotos.Net takes no responsibility for any errors, defects, deletion, delay or other changes in the transmission of data from the website to user, and vice versa.
Similarly, we are not responsible for any technical defects, loss, injury or death, if appropriate, other problems caused by the use of websites or services.
As a user you agree to indemnify PlanePhotos.Net or its partners in full for any damages, losses, liabilities, claims, expenses, where applicable, the cost for legal services incurred by in connection with your content or information what you published during using of website.
PlanePhotos.Net is not responsible for any damage, loss of profit (direct or indirect), any damage to the commercial value, reputation, or loss of data that can be arise related to the use website, in any way.
PlanePhotos.Net is not required to respond to any requests, questions, comments, recommendations, suggestions or other information which you provided them through pages, e-mail or other form of communication.